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Contain other useful information like the location of public utility jeepney terminals in the city and basic traffic rules being implemented in the city like the number coding, motorcycle routes, truck ban and the like.

Road Closures

Alternate Routes


Coding Scheme of Baguio City

Day restricted by code


City Ordinance Numbered 01 s. 2003

is in effect and applies to all private vehicles and motorcycles travelling within the City of Baguio from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm

The Number Coding Scheme covers roads inside the perimeter line and they are called number coding zone. Those on the perimeter line and outside of it are not covered.

Link to the signed City Ordinance Numbered 01 s. 2003 for reference. If you have any concerns about the ordinance please reach our office.

Current Road Closures of Baguio City

No Road Closed Ford Today


These are the system's built-in features for traffic monitoring and other issues relating to traffic mobility.

PUJ Routes and Parking Area

Gives an overview to the users about the possible drop-off location of PUJs and its route.

  • Parking Area Location
  • Routes
  • Drop-Off Spots
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Road Closures

Road closures refer to the temporary or permanent blocking of a roadway to vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic.

They can be caused by construction, maintenance, accidents, or special events. Road closures may be announced in advance, or they may be unexpected due to emergency situations. The duration and extent of road closures can vary, and alternate routes may be provided for drivers to follow. It is important for drivers to stay informed about road closures and plan accordingly to avoid delays and disruptions.

Alternate Routes

A secondary or substitute path that drivers can take to bypass a closed or congested roadway.

  • Alternate routes can be designated by local authorities.
  • They can include smaller, less-traveled roads, or can involve taking a different highway or connector to bypass the closed section of road.
  • Alternate routes can help drivers to save time and avoid frustration caused by road closures or heavy traffic.
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